The Struggle Is Real

Tonight’s #flipclass flash blog topic is Struggle.  In my class General Chemistry the struggle for many of my students is real.  They are all there in order to get a state endorsed diploma they are required to take and pass a chemistry or physics class. My class is a chemistry class that teaches to the current state standards and over the next few years will incorporate the #NGSS.  However, for many of my students science and math have always been a struggle now they are forced to take a class they have no interest in. I do believe that students should have 3 years of science but the third year should be of their choosing not one forced on them.  This will not change anytime soon due to standardized testing and the bearing it has on my evaluation and our schools/districts rating.  So my struggle is to make the material as interesting and relevant as possible while still meeting the standards. My students struggle will be to will be to concentrate and care about the class and the associated test. Wish us luck.

One thought on “The Struggle Is Real

  1. Good Luck! I hear you. I teach the remediation course for our State Algebra test. My Ss are there because they failed the test one time already. These kids excel at Automotive classes, cosmetology, art, etc. (Our Vo-Tech school is incorporated into our high school.)

    My heart breaks for these kids, and I cry right along with them.

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